Modafinil, available by prescription, is often the treatment of choice for everything from narcolepsy to ADHD, but it is not without its side effects. In this article, we explore some safe, natural modafinil alternatives.

Perhaps you’ve been tired during the day, and you’re having trouble concentrating. Your memory may not be as sharp as it was, and you’re having problems with attentiveness and decision-making. You’ve heard about modafinil, but you’re not sure that modafinil works all that well, and there are side effects because it’s a drug.

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So you’ve been looking for supplements that are safe, effective, and natural.You’re in the right place, because we have a brief profile to show what modafinil is (and is not).  We’ll also review some modafinil alternatives, including one that may meet all your expectations.

Modafinil Alternatives: Natural Supplements For Wakefulness And Focus is an original (HisHealthMag) article.


What it does and how it works

Modafinil is the chemical name for an orally-administered drug that stimulates the central nervous system to treat sleepiness during normal waking hours. Initially released in France in the 1990s as a eugeroic (wakefulness-promoting) treatment for narcolepsy, it was subsequently approved by the FDA as a prescription medication for treatment of excessive somnolence (drowsiness), narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders causing insomnia.

Modafinil directly increases the levels of cortical catecholamine, which stimulates the release of the hormones progesterone and androgen.


Modafinil for cognitive enhancement?

But curiously, modafinil has become popular as a cognitive enhancer to improve alertness and sharpen focus. This is known as an off-label application (use of a drug other than what it was approved and prescribed for). In this instance, it’s pushing the drug’s performance and benefits well beyond simple daytime wakefulness.

But there are challenges to these extended performance claims, which have led to the emergence of modafinil alternatives. Modafinil has been extensively tested for its cognitive enhancement effects, with inconclusive results to date. For example:

  • The Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology reports findings of 19 “Placebo-controlled trials that examined the effects of single-dose modafinil versus placebo on the cognitive domains of attention, executive functioning, memory, or processing speed.” The positive results were minimal: “Evidence indicates only limited potential for modafinil to act as a cognitive enhancer.”
  • Similarly, the Journal of European Neuropsychopharmacology summarizes: “In addition to its approved use treating excessive somnolence, modafinil is thought to be used widely off-prescription for cognitive enhancement. However, despite this popularity, there has been little consensus on the extent and nature of modafinil’s cognitive effects in healthy, non-sleep-deprived humans,” resulting in a need for modafinil alternatives.
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Modafinil Alternatives: Natural Supplements For Wakefulness And Focus is an original (HisHealthMag) article.

Another concern:

Modafinil side effects

Virtually all medications may cause undesirable side effects in some users, and modafinil is no exception. lists common side effects of modafinil to include nausea, headache and xerostomia (very dry mouth). Less common side effects include the following, which may be serious:

  • Physical: Blurred vision or other vision changes, chest pain, chills or fever, shortness of breath, and anorexia.
  • Mental or cognitive: Disorientation, clumsiness or unsteadiness, confusion, dizziness or fainting, depression or memory loss, and sudden mood changes.

If you are a modafinil user, be aware of these side effects, and check promptly with your doctor should any more serious effects occur. You may have particular sensitivities to the drug, or it may be interacting with other medications or supplements you take.

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Modafinil Alternatives: Natural Supplements For Wakefulness And Focus is the (HisHealthMag) report.

Natural modafinil alternatives

Concerns about the side effects of modafinil and medical reports that challenge its ability to improve wakefulness and focus have led to the introduction of natural supplements that fit into the nootropics category.  These products promise improved attentiveness, focus, and learning ability. Key brands include:

  • Noocube, which claims its brain-boosting ingredients enhance cognition and mood as it decreases anxiety and stress.
  • Mind Lab Pro offers to improve brain health and function; it contains natural ingredients with no known side effects.
  • Prevagen claims brain enhancement based on an extract from jellyfish; it’s widely available at retail.

However, while these and other brain-enhancing products qualify as safe and natural, they do not appear to offer the important benefits of appreciably improved wakefulness, attentiveness, and sharper focus.  Therefore, they may not qualify as viable modafinil alternatives. We have discovered a viable modafinil alternative with QUANTUMiND.

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Most effective of the natural modafinil alternatives

Developed by Evolvere, QUANTUMiND “Next Level Cognitive Function” appears to be a safe and effective supplement for focus and wakefulness.  It works for those who demand the most from themselves, ranging from exam-pressured college students to executives climbing the corporate ladder in high pressure, competitive jobs. Those in dangerous military operations, doctors and nurses, airline pilots, and air traffic controllers could depend upon QUANTUMiND for peak alertness.

QUANTUMiND promises to increase mental sharpness, reduce anxiety and improve long-term brain health. The difference is in the formulation; QUANTUMiND’s cognitive benefits come from the synergistic action of its unique blend of beneficial, natural, drug-free ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha root powder improves attention spans, reaction times, information processing, and decision-making.
  • EGCG (green tea extract) increases memory, brain focus, and function by increasing alpha, beta, and theta wave activity.
  • L-theanine + caffeine support brainwave activity to suppress distraction and mind wandering.
  • Shilajit extract decreases free radicals to reduce inflammation and protect against cognitive disorders.
  • Panax ginseng relieves forgetfulness and stimulates neuroplasticity to enhance learning ability.
  • Alpha glyceryl phosphoryl choline (Alpha-GPC) helps users focus on the tasks at hand.
  • L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps to balance mood hormones to improve focus and cognitive ability.
  • Phenylethylamine HCI elevates serotonin, the mood-enhancing hormone while stimulating the brain’s natural pathways to treat ADHD and anxiety.
  • NAcetyl-L-Carnitine supplements the body’s own supply of this amino acid to improve memory and the ability to learn and solve problems.
Green tea extract is one of the Modafinil Alternatives

[This article “Modafinil Alternatives: Natural Supplements For Wakefulness And Focus” is originally published in HisHealthMag]

Our recommendation:


If you’re thinking about modafinil alternatives, and want the benefits of real cognitive enhancement with sharper focus, wakefulness and attentiveness, you could consider QUANTUMiND. It’s safe, drug-free, and natural, with the right formulation for optimal results. Whether you’re a busy college student or an executive, you may find that you can get an extra edge on the competition with the right natural supplement.  With the high-quality non-drug alternatives now available, you’re sure to find one that works for you. 

Further Reading:

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