The right sugar free protein powder can help support weight loss, muscle building, and healthy blood sugar levels, as it reduces the risk of dental cavities. We’ll count down five top brands in our search for the best sugar free protein powder.

Protein drinks have become a staple for many Americans — 46% say they regularly consume them. Picking a product can feel overwhelming, as the protein supplement market is rich with options — the market’s value in 2021 was $6.26 billion. How do you know what’s healthy and what’s not?

A convenient rule of thumb is to seek out sugar free options. Consuming too much sugar is associated with several medical conditions, like obesity, heart disease, and dental problems, to name a few. Some substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners, but research suggests that these products may increase sugar cravings and can increase stroke and heart disease risks.

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Looking for a sugar free protein powder is a great way to build muscle and support your body without also adding unnecessary sugar to your diet. Keep reading for our top five sugar free protein powder brands.

Top sugar free protein powder:

5.NOW Foods

NOW Foods sells more than just protein supplements — they also sell beauty products, essential oils, and supplements for your pet’s health. It makes sense that this variation translates into their products, too. Although their organic pea protein powder has the lowest amount of protein — 15 grams — it’s also a source of iron and several amino acids essential to the body’s growth. In comparison, their non-organic product has 24 grams of protein.

NOW Foods products are the most affordable, with the organic pea protein starting at $30 compared with other brands’ $40-50 price tag. It’s also accessible — you can buy NOW Foods online from Walmart.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded powder, this is a great option, but if you want something focusing on protein, this isn’t the product for you.

Top sugar free protein powder :


Sunwarrior is another popular brand that touts vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free products. They are committed to sustainability and transparency, a nice bonus for consumers wondering what’s in the powder. Their classic protein powder provides up to 20 grams of protein and comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors or unflavored. The source of the protein comes from brown rice.

The ingredients, however, are heavily processed to remove the heavy metals. The intention is good, but consumers might prefer a more natural product.

Top sugar free protein powder :

3.Garden of Life

Garden of Life is a well-known protein powder brand, with many products having zero grams or less than one gram of sugar. They have chocolate, vanilla, unflavored options, and more adventurous flavors like chai and cookie. Their protein powder is also plant-based; the unflavored powder comes from organic peas, seeds, and legumes. Their powders contain various vitamins; one serving has 22 grams of protein.

The company is heavily-certified, using organic, non-GMO ingredients, and is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and kosher. They’re also socially conscious and donate part of their proceeds to various causes like the Special Olympics and ocean cleanup. Garden of Life achieved carbon neutrality in June of 2021.

Top sugar free protein powder :


Orgain is a company commonly found in articles listing the best protein powders. Their organic powder is available in an impressive ten flavors and, like the other powders, is vegan-friendly, uses non-GMO ingredients, and is gluten-free, among other nutritional benefits. One serving contains 21 grams of protein.

Orgain also gives back to the community through the Feel Good Food program, with their leading causes tackling food insecurity and environmental restoration. They’ve donated over 60,000 meals. Their philanthropy, combined with their wide selection, earns it second place.

Top sugar free protein powder :


Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein product is also plant-based, made from peas and combined with a naturally sweet extract, Thaumatin, from a West African fruit. One serving has 20 grams of protein and is a source of other helpful nutrients, like iron and manganese.

The isolation process Nuzest uses to create the pea protein powder is entirely water-based. It even strips out the lectins, a naturally-occurring protein that can cause problems with digestion.

“You’re not taking something that’s going to cause bloating or any digestive issues,” says founder Trevor Bolland. “Combined with the fact that it’s a very neutral flavor we don’t have to mask, which means we’re not putting more stuff in there, the material is very, very digestible.”

Bolland founded Nuzest to help his daughter, Monique, when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Not wanting to accept a bleak diagnosis, they searched for answers worldwide and realized that her diet and lifestyle was the key to wellness. It wasn’t a cure, but it helped Monique manage her condition.

The two used what they learned in their journeys and created a range of plant-based supplements for anyone in similar positions or for people who simply want to live healthier. Their safe process to create an easily digestible product with added nutrients beyond protein makes it the top recommended product.

Top sugar free protein powders:

Final thoughts

You have a difficult decision if you’re among the many people looking for a protein powder to add to your diet. Plenty of good powders are available — you may want to do further research before choosing anything (you can get started below) or talk with a nutritionist. Whatever you choose — a sugar free protein powder, something on this list, or a new product — should be whatever’s best for you and your body.

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