Mad Viking Beard Co.’s beard oil stands out as a superior choice for those aiming to cultivate a legendary beard. This carefully crafted oil not only tames unruly facial hair but also moisturizes the skin underneath, resulting in a smooth and refined appearance. With premium ingredients, Mad Viking Beard Co. offers the solution to upgrade your grooming routine and achieve a well-maintained, impressive beard.

The challenges of growing and maintaining a beard

Your beard is more than just facial hair—it establishes your identity, your individuality, and your independence. It speaks volumes about who you are and leaves a lasting impression. It’s essential that your beard is always at its best appearance, well-groomed and healthy.

Whether you’re already sporting a beard or just embarking on your beard-growing journey, crafting a legendary beard is an achievable aspiration with the right care. Left unmanaged, a beard can become tangled, unruly, itchy, and may even lead to dandruff. Dryness can exacerbate issues, resulting in excess beard hair breakage and fallout. However, you can overcome these challenges by utilizing high-quality, nourishing beard oils, balms, butters, washes, and conditioners for optimal beard and facial moisturizing and softening.

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Mad Viking Beard Co.: a competition to grow an epic beard

Mad Viking Beard Co., founded by beard enthusiasts Jason Sealand and Jason Hall, has gone the distance to curate an exclusive line of beneficial beard care products. The dedicated Mad Viking team promises you’re getting the “Best of the best; using only the finest natural ingredients, and by manufacturing all our products right here in the USA.”

Co-founder Jason Sealand relates the Mad Viking story. The company was “Forged from a tight-knit group of friends standing around a bonfire, arguing who could grow the most epic beard.” This led to a spirited competition, culminating six months later with over 150 bearded participants, with proceeds from their event going to Children’s Hospital; “A charity we still support to this day.”

Today, more than one million men worldwide use Mad Viking beard care and grooming products, reflecting the positive trend:

“The global market for beard care products is increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% and is anticipated to reach US$ 3.71 billion by 2024,” reports Grand View Research. This vitality and projected growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of beards and the growing interest in men’s grooming.

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Superior-quality beard oils for optimal beard growth, health, and appearance

Beard oil is an essential grooming aid, but not all beard oils are created equal. While many inferior quality beard oils proliferate the market, Mad Viking Beard Co. staunchly believes that beard oil is a way of life: “Our natural beard oils are carefully crafted to provide a wide range of benefits, from reducing beard itch to promoting healthier, fuller growth.”

Mad Viking’s natural beard oils are “formulated and meticulously tested to ensure superior results while being an enjoyable part of your daily routine,” the company assures.

Mad Viking’s Beard Oils are curated blends of all-natural base oils, vitamins, and essential oils designed to “soften facial hair and achieve a healthy beard while encouraging beard growth and promoting smooth skin.” With a range of 15 scents to choose from, there is a perfect oil to match your preference and personality, as these two illustrate:

  • Berserker Beard Oil is named in honor of the ancient Norse warrior who battled furiously and fearlessly, often without the protection of armor. “You will be ready to conquer every obstacle from the first application of Berserker Beard Oil.”

A proprietary blend of lemongrass, peppermint, sandalwood, and patchouli essential oils combine to create an unforgettable, invigorating aroma that signals that you and your beard mean business and are ready for action.

  • Fenrir Beard Oil evokes an epic aromatic journey, beginning with vibrant spicy notes of pink pepper and neroli that boldly announce your presence. Subsequent notes of intriguing rum and bourbon, coupled with a hint of Java vetiver oil, evoke the “crackling warmth of a bonfire on a chilly night.”

There’s more: Inspired by the boldness of valiant legendary men of courage, Mad Viking infused this distinctive blend with base notes of tobacco leaf absolute.

For those who can’t decide which Mad Viking beard oil scent to go with, the Mad Viking Sample Beard Oil Kit is a great place to start, comprising 15 scents totaling a full 7.5 oz. Also available is the three-scent kit, Sample Beard Oil 3 Pack. For those who prefer an unscented beard treatment, there is Ingen Doft.

Every Mad Viking Beard Oil is built on a foundation of eight all-natural cold-pressed, nutrient-rich carrier oils: sweet almond, apricot kernel, virgin argan, organic jojoba golden, avocado, refined hemp seed, organic grapeseed, and vitamin E.

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Mad Viking beard balm, butter, wash, and conditioner

Mad Viking Beard Balm is semi-solid with the same benefits as beard oil, enhanced by a blend of shea and cocoa butters to further moisturize and condition beards. Beard balm offers a unique combination of hold, shine, and nourishment that sets it apart from other beard products. Its thick, emollient texture helps to tame and shape even the wildest beards, allowing you to style your beard and keep it shaped up.

A small amount of beeswax locks in moisture; the balm absorbs quickly and provides a light hold without feeling heavy, greasy, or sticky, leaving the beard smooth, soft, and well-groomed. There’s a Sample Beard Balm Kit with 15 scents to experience.

Mad Viking Beard Butter conditions and nourishes the beard and skin. Crafted from a blend of natural oils, butters, and conditioners, it boasts a creamy, whipped texture. Beard butter has a thicker consistency and provides more moisture and nourishment than beard oil. Unlike beard balm, it does not contain wax, making it a little easier to rub into the beard and skin.

Mad Viking Biotin Beard Wash and Biotin Beard Conditioner are formulated and balanced to be gentle on skin and hair for an all-in-one cleaning and conditioning experience that softens the beard without stripping away natural oils. Both are available in 16 scent profiles and packed with natural organic biotin, a B vitamin known to thicken hair: “We find biotin to be very helpful for hair disorders,” says Cleveland Clinic dermatologist Wilma Bergfeld, MD.

Mad Viking beard wash contains seaweed extract, organic hemp seed oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil, while Mad Viking beard conditioner contains pro-vitamin B5, organic Korean ginseng, as well as olive, jojoba, and hemp seed oils to promote healthy beard hair growth.

Mad Viking also offers vitamin, biotin, and collagen beard growth supplements; medium/strong hold, non-greasy mustache wax, as well as Mad Viking Body Care and Mad Viking Hair Care products.

Mad Viking Beard Bundles offer great value on over 30 combinations of the most popular beard and body care products, allowing you to experiment with new scents of oils, balms, butters, wash, and conditioners.

Moreover, all Mad Viking products are cruelty-free and free from sulfates and parabens, so you are never adding anything unnecessary or toxic to your beard.

Joining and ordering

Co-founder Jason Sealand asks, “Are you interested in being a part of a great bearding community and raising money for charity? Check out our Mad Viking Beard Clubs.

Additionally, influencers and brand advocates can become Mad Viking Beard Ambassadors.

You may order Mad Viking beard care products directly online; there are discounts available for military personnel and first responders. Rest assured, satisfaction is guaranteed: If you dislike a product, “We will refund your money or exchange it for another product, no questions asked.” Mad Viking beard care products are also available online at Amazon and Walmart.

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