Mad Viking Beard Co. has earned the prestigious 2024 Best U.S. Men’s Grooming Product Line award from HisHealthMag. Initially focused on premium beard care, Mad Viking has expanded its offerings to include a collection of distinctive facial and body care products, capitalizing on positive market growth trends.

Mad Viking Beard Co. stands out from other beard care providers by offering one of the most extensive collections of grooming products and value-pack bundles, along with 16 unique, custom-designed scents for each of its products. Mad Viking’s products are made in the U.S.A. with all-natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. “Each batch is handmade and tested by us to ensure quality for every customer,” the company states. This contrasts with many competitors that depend on external production and questionable formulations.

Energizing a growing, dynamic men’s grooming market

The U.S. men’s grooming products market, which comprises 21.3% of the global market, was estimated by Grand View Research to be valued at $46.5 billion in 2023, with a projected CAGR of 8.3% from 2024 to 2030. The impressive market size and projected expansion are attributed to the growing awareness among men regarding self-care and personal hygiene.

“We will do our best to make you your best.”—Jason Sealand, co-founder

Mad Viking Beard Co. was founded by beard enthusiasts who developed an exclusive line of products made in the U.S.A. from carefully selected pure and natural ingredients. The company’s journey into the men’s grooming market began when a group of friends debated who could grow the most epic beard. This lighthearted challenge evolved into a successful business and charitable enterprise.

For men with facial hair, Mad Viking’s beard products are essential to their grooming routine. The expanded line of beard care products is meticulously crafted to enhance the health and appearance of all beard types, offering benefits such as reduced itch and promoting healthier growth.


Mad Viking Beard Co. stands above and apart from its competitors

“Mad Viking is a lifestyle lived by us and many other dedicated, self-empowering individuals we call friends. We promise to always push the boundaries of quality and innovation when it comes to our work.”

Mad Viking’s products are distributed worldwide and used by over a million customers, with numbers continually growing.

Above and beyond: three distinguishing Mad Viking qualities

  1. Signature Scents: Mad Viking’s 16 signature scents are inspired by rugged, fearless Viking warriors, transporting you to Valhalla.
  2. Natural Ingredients: Mad Viking products are handmade and tested in the U.S.A. with all-natural, responsibly sourced ingredients.
  3. Community Involvement: Mad Viking is committed to helping those in need through charity events and by supporting local causes.

Extensive collection of grooming products and value-pack bundles

In addition to beard care products and shaving supplies, Mad Viking offers a variety of body care products, including shampoos, conditioners, mustache wax, tattoo balm, and grooming tools. For fans of Viking culture and style, the brand also provides apparel, drinkware, flags, jewelry, and patches.

Mad Viking offers bundles and value pricing on their most popular beard and body care products, allowing customers to test different formulations and new scent profiles or restock their favorites at competitive prices. Among the exciting 31 bundles offered are:

  • Mad Viking Wolf Pack: Includes 2 oz Beard Oil, 4 oz Beard Butter, 8 oz Biotin Beard Wash, 8 oz Biotin Beard Conditioner, and a Wolf Pack sticker.
  • Mad Viking Beard and Body Soap 3 Pack: Designed to gently cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and condition skin and hair.
  • Mad Viking Raven Pack: Includes 2 oz Beard Oil, 2 oz Beard Balm, 8 oz Biotin Beard Wash, 8 oz Biotin Beard Conditioner, and a Raven sticker.
  • Mad Viking Beard Oil Sample 3 Pack: Allows customers to choose 3 of the 16 Mad Viking Scents for sampling.

Mad Viking customers can order with confidence. The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with hassle-free refunds and exchanges, along with free shipping on all subscription orders. Visit the Mad Viking website to learn more and experience the dynamic clan, where you can forge an identity with the Mad Viking mystique.

Extensive collection of grooming products of mad Viking beard co.


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