If you’re looking for a quality protein powder that can help you reach your fitness goals without sacrificing taste, then the market offers a range of products to choose from. We’ll compare two leading protein powder brands: Level 1 Protein Powder and Nuzest Clean Lean Protein, so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

The human body requires a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to regulate its health and fortify its physique. Of these, the most important are macronutrients, including carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Protein has risen in popularity due to its growing availability and many roles in energizing, repairing, and improving the body. However, getting the daily amount needed to maintain optimal performance can be challenging.

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One way to get adequate protein is via protein powder, with 1st Phorm’s Level 1 Protein Powder and Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein being top contenders in this field. Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing the brand for your needs.

Protein Power: Its uses and benefits

While you may have a general sense that protein is an integral part of a successful diet, knowing the benefits of protein and protein powder can help you stay on top of your health and fitness goals. With that in mind, here are a few ways protein powder can help you.

Builds Muscle: The most popular reason people consume protein is to promote muscle growth and development. Protein is the de facto way of increasing muscle size and density, allowing gym-goers and other fitness-minded individuals to bulk up and build power. Protein powder can also heal muscles suffering from minor damage and fortify them to prevent future injury.

Weight Management: Ironically enough, protein powder can help you lose weight even while you build muscle. This weight loss effect is because protein can help you feel full faster, so you eat less. Increasing protein intake can also encourage the body to increase metabolism and burn more fat deposits.

Pure Nutrition: Many protein sources, including certain meats, provide relatively little protein value compared to the overall product, which likely also comes with its fair share of undesirable elements such as grease and unsaturated fatty acids. On the other hand, protein powder offers pure protein extract and combines it with vitamins and minerals for a holistic health regimen.

Now that you know some of the benefits of protein powder, it’s time to compare Level 1 Protein Powder and Nuzest Clean Lean Protein for your protein needs.

Level 1 Protein Powder vs Nuzest Clean Lean Protein: Protein base

Unlike their whey protein counterparts, Level 1 Protein Powder and Nuzest Clean Lean Protein are made with plant-based ingredients, making them vegan-based and free from animal byproducts. Nuzest Clean Lean Protein uses superior quality European-sourced golden peas as its protein base and a water-based isolation process to extract the protein from the peas, avoiding harmful chemicals. On the other hand, Level 1 Protein Powder also uses a pea protein base, but the formula combines rice protein to help reduce prices while still offering quality nutrition.

Level 1 Protein Powder vs Nuzest Clean Lean Protein: Additional nutrition

Outside of protein content, Level 1 Protein Powder and Nuzest Clean Lean Protein include other vitamins and supplements for a healthier mix. For example, Level 1 Protein Powder contains nine antioxidants, including sunflower seed and oat extracts, that fight free radicals and prevent aging. It also has a long list of vitamins, including vitamin A for immune system support and vitamin K to aid bone metabolism.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein includes many amino acids for hormonal balance and muscle metabolism, phosphorus for strengthening teeth and bones, and iron to improve muscle endurance. In addition, there are “no fillers, no maltodextrin, no added sugar, none of the many ingredients you often see on protein labels for whatever reasons they are included. The result is a non-complicated, low fat, low carb, high protein product which is safe and enjoyable,” founder and CEO Trevor Bolland states about the company’s formula. 

Level 1 Protein Powder vs Nuzest Clean Lean Protein: Flavors

Level 1 Protein Powder and Nuzest Clean Lean Protein have numerous flavors that can satisfy any palate. Level 1 Protein Powder favors tastes similar to typical desserts, like French Toast, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Mint Cookie, and Vanilla Crème. Nuzest Clean Lean Protein leans more toward natural flavors that taste as clean-cut as their formula. Minimal flavoring and no flavor masking are present due to the mild taste and texture of Nuzest’s pea protein base. Their flavors include Real Coffee, Smooth Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, and the fan favorite Just Natural.

Level 1 Protein Powder vs Nuzest Clean Lean Protein: Serving size and price

You’ll undoubtedly want your protein powder cost-efficient to get the most protein for the money spent. Luckily, both Level 1 Protein Powder and Nuzest Clean Lean Protein deliver plenty of protein for your nutritional needs. Level 1 Protein Powder has 19 grams of protein in a 27.8-gram serving, while Nuzest Clean Lean Protein has 20 grams in a 25-gram serving.

Level 1 Protein Powder costs $54.99 per container, each holding 30 servings of protein powder. On the other hand, Nuzest Clean Lean Protein comes in 10, 20, 40, and 100 serving sizes, each with its price point starting at $16.90 per container. What’s more, you can save 20 percent on your order when you opt for a subscription, ensuring you’ll receive a generous amount of protein for a very affordable price.

Protein powder for your lifestyle

Protein is crucial to your wellness and provides bone strength and proper muscular development. Protein powder is a great way to get the adequate amounts of protein you need, with vegan protein powder providing a clean and efficient means of consumption. Both Level 1 Protein Powder and Nuzest Clean Lean Protein offer plant-based protein with plenty of other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for a holistic beverage in each serving. However, Nuzest Clean Lean Protein contains an undiluted pea protein base and is available in four different size options at prices everyone can afford. Incorporating Nuzest Clean Lean Protein into your diet is a great option to build your way to a healthier you.

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