Chelated iron supplements contain iron that is chemically bound to another molecule for enhanced absorption. The potential health benefits of chelated iron include improved energy levels, cognitive function, athletic performance, and immune function. We’ll discuss how chelated iron supplements can give you a boost and recommend one of the best wellness brands on the market.

Iron is an essential mineral that has many vital functions. Iron is crucial in making certain hormones, proteins, and enzymes. However, 70% of iron is found in red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen allows our cells to produce adenosine triphosphate efficiently (ATP), the body’s energy supply.

A deficiency of iron can affect growth and development. It can also lead to fatigue and light-headedness. A lack of iron is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Iron supplementation supports iron levels, but unfortunately, not all iron supplements are absorbed with proper efficiency.

Chelated iron, however, can pass through the digestive system without breaking down. This supplement ingredient allows for more efficient iron absorption by binding an iron ion to a non-metallic ion. When comparing chelated iron to other iron supplements, clinical trials have shown that it’s faster at replenishing iron levels.

As a result, chelated iron has many potential benefits to overall health. Chelated iron may help support the brain, muscles, and immune system, delivering multiple health benefits from enhanced energy to better sleep. Read on to discover more significant advantages of chelated iron and how you can add it to your routine.

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Chelated iron:

Increased energy

Iron supports energy production through multiple mechanisms of action. First, it is a building block for the proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin. Both proteins are vital to overall health. Hemoglobin is a carrier protein in the blood that transports oxygen to our cells, supporting normal physiological functions. Most importantly, hemoglobin allows the body to produce ATP via the electron transport chain.

In muscles, iron aids in synthesizing myoglobin. Like hemoglobin, myoglobin allows the body to accept, store, transport, and release oxygen. Ultimately, myoglobin is essential for optimal muscle function as it is a vital fuel provider.

In addition, about 6% of the body’s iron makes specific proteins that support healthy respiration and energy metabolism. As a result, iron can reduce fatigue and provide an energy boost. Iron is an essential mineral in preventing asthma and maintaining healthy lung function.

Chelated iron:

Cognitive function

Iron is an essential mineral for the development and growth of brain tissue. Iron supplementation is clinically significant in improving cognitive function in children and adolescents with iron deficiency. Iron helps by transporting oxygen to the brain to support physiological processes. For this reason, iron is just as important to adults as it is to children.

Furthermore, iron deficiency correlates with adults’ attention span, intelligence, and sensory functions. Iron levels are also crucial to the stabilization of emotions and behavior. There is scientific evidence that iron supplementation could improve attention, concentration, and IQ in the presence of iron deficiency.

Considering how vital iron is to support healthy brain tissue, efficient delivery of this essential mineral may improve focus and other cognitive processes. That is where chelated iron may benefit your focus and mental stamina.

Chelated iron:

Athletic performance

Training for athletic events can push the body to its limits and deplete it of essential minerals. In particular, any iron deficiency can make the completion of training challenging and diminish athletic performance.

Studies have shown that boosting stored iron levels, referred to as ferritin levels, significantly improved athletic performance in individuals not known to be anemic. These results suggest that a chelated iron supplement may help fuel athletic performance.

Chelated iron:

Immune function

A properly functioning immune system depends on a proper iron balance. Iron influences both natural and adaptive immunity. The immune system’s ability to function correctly diminishes when there is insufficient iron. For these reasons, iron supplementation has the potential to be an alternative therapy for managing infectious diseases, diseases of aging, and even cancer.

Chelated iron:


So many factors affect sleep, and a proper iron balance is one of them. In clinical studies, iron deficiency has been shown to cause sleep disorders. For this reason, researchers advocate supplementation for individuals presenting with sleep disorders.

Chelated iron:

MyPEAK Wellness

The evidence behind the use of a chelated iron supplement is convincing. However, adding yet another supplement can become costly. Fortunately, myPEAK, a reputable brand, has created Wellness. This all-in-one multivitamin for all ages now includes their unique Ferractiv chelated iron in the formula.

Recently recognized by the Retailers News Network as the best new health supplement, this formula includes over 70 scientifically backed nutrients that may promote healthy aging. This vegan-friendly anti-aging multivitamin can support strength, immunity, endurance, fitness, performance, memory, focus, and mood while helping to reduce stress.

Featured on many news outlets and recommended by health experts and doctors. myPEAK is offering a 1-month supply of their Wellness blend, newly upgraded to include chelated iron, for $53.00.

Chelated iron:

Never settle for less.

Indeed, there are many reasons to consider taking an iron supplement. However, supplements can be costly. It is a good use of money if our bodies can efficiently absorb the compounds in a quality supplement. Fortunately, chelated iron maximizes our ability to absorb this vital mineral to support overall health and well-being.

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