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The Barebells Protein Bar vs. Healthy Truth Protein Bars


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This article provides a head-to-head comparison of two premium products so that you may be a better-informed consumer. Learn more about the Barebells Protein Bar and Healthy Truth Protein Bars.

People looking for healthy snack alternatives have turned to protein bars to satisfy their cravings. In 2021 the global protein bar market was valued at $4.54 Billion and could rise to $7.7 Billion by 2029. This increasing popularity of protein bars has led to a flood of products of varying tastes, health benefits, and prices, which may make it hard to decide what makes a quality snack. The Barebells protein bar and Healthy Truth protein bars are two of the best on the market; however, when we compared these two brands, we found several significant differences.

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What goes into a quality protein bar?

What’s not to love about protein bars? They’re handy, portable, and ready to eat. They can also be delicious, nutritious, and serve as a breakfast substitute, an easy snack, or a post-workout boost. Protein bars are a better alternative to unhealthy snacks like potato chips and chocolate, plus they can help you manage your weight. But what goes into a quality protein bar?

The ideal protein bar is tasty and filling while remaining low in sugar, high in fiber, and rich in protein. It typically contains between 10 to 20 grams of protein, which can come from multiple sources.  Protein sources may include yogurt powder, dairy proteins like casein, whey, or plant-based proteins like soy or pea.  It’s important to remember that not all of these are healthy or low-calorie. The healthiest protein bars get their protein from unprocessed, whole-food proteins.

Not all protein bars are created equal. Protein bars can include unhealthy ingredients like high fructose syrup or processed plant oils such as palm, canola, peanut, or soybean oils. Many protein bars contain synthetic ingredients and can be sugar-heavy, which ultimately causes them to do more harm than good.

Most people consume enough protein in their diets. But for people who require a pick-me-up, a Barebells protein bar or Healthy Truth protein bar can be a helpful boost. Healthy Truth is a Massachusetts-based company founded in 2014 with a mission to create nutrient-dense, raw food snacks for the health-conscious consumer. As Bruce Namenson, founder and Chief Creative Officer, puts it: Healthy Truth aims to create a “well-rounded, full-service lifestyle.” Barebells and Healthy Truth are both companies that provide tasty and healthy protein bars, but even two of the best companies in the business can be very different when it comes to quality.

Healthy Protein bars for instant energy.

The Barebells protein bar vs Healthy Truth protein bars:


If you are looking for a healthy alternative, you want ingredients that are as unprocessed and as organic as possible. A Barebells protein bar contains several core ingredients, including a milk protein blend consisting of calcium caseinate and whey protein isolate and concentrate, soy protein isolate, and cocoa processed with alkali. The plant-based options from this brand include a vegan protein blend that consists of soy protein isolate, pea protein isolate, and rice protein.  While a Barebells protein bar is healthy, some of its ingredients (like soy protein and calcium caseinate) may present issues concerning dietary friendliness.

According to its founders, Healthy Truth has “one of the only whole foods, plant-based protein bars on the planet.” All Healthy Truth products contain only organic, plant-based, and raw ingredients. The nuts are sprouted using a technique that company founders plan to patent, and they’re specially seasoned. Every protein bar contains simple ingredients like dates, coconut nectar, sprouted pumpkin seeds, cashews, pea protein powder, sacha inchi protein powder, oats, MCT oil, and ground flaxseed. Healthy Truth products contain no preservatives, fillers, chemicals, or flavorings. “They’re all 100% whole food products,” says this brand.

Coconut MCT oil extraction.

The Barebells protein bar vs Healthy Truth protein bars:

Flavor and taste

The Barebells protein bar comes in nine flavors, including white chocolate, cookies and cream, and crunchy fudge.  This product satisfies a craving for something sweet without raising blood sugar. Healthy Truth protein bars come in five flavors: orange-cranberry, vanilla, cacao, blueberry cobbler, and mixed berry. The Barebells protein bar comes in a few more flavors than the Healthy Truth protein bar for those who enjoy variety, but the reviews suggest that when it comes to taste, they both get a big thumbs up from customers.

Man eating a protein bar to stay active and energetic.

The Barebells protein bar vs Heathy Truth protein bars:

Which is healthiest?

Barebells and Healthy Truth protein bars are good sources of protein (15 grams and above), and both contain no added sugar and are low in carbohydrates. Barebells protein bars may mimic dessert flavors but are sweet without the risk of raising blood sugar levels thanks to maltitol, a sugar substitute.

On the downside, the Barebells protein bar contains bovine collagen, which in the strictest sense is not vegetarian or vegan-friendly. It also contains casein protein, which is unsuitable for vegans or people who are lactose intolerant. In addition, the Barebells protein bar contains whey protein isolate, which is often processed using ultrafiltration methods that can remove many valuable nutrients from the whey, leaving just protein. This process can also leave behind contaminants like pesticides and hormones.

Both Barebells and Healthy Truth are great choices for consumers looking for a healthy protein bar; however, the Healthy Truth protein bar is the superior product because it maximizes nutritional value with only organic, unprocessed whole foods and sprouted nuts. Healthy Truth products are keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free, and they taste great. These winning protein bars provide a multitude of health benefits, including reduced inflammation and support for the cardiovascular and nervous systems.  On top of all that, they are a delicious snack you can consume at the gym, at the office, or as a healthy snack at home.

Healthy truth protein bars.

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